Small Oak Barrels for Sale - Oak Wood Kegs & Wooden Casks for Wine & Whiskey

Artisan Crafted Barrels, Kegs, Casks in Oak for Small Wine & Whiskey Batches

ArtisanBarrels.Eu offers European crafted small oak barrels, oak wood kegs and small wooden casks for wine and spirit ageing, storing and dispensing. Our oak crafted barrels and casks come in small sizes and if needed our oak kegs can be toasted or charred inside for wine, port, vinegar, whiskey, spirits, brandy and liquor maturing, holding and serving.

Artisan handmade in oak wood, these  2, 3, 5 and 10 liter barrels and miniature kegs are great for amateur wine, spirits and liquor makers and supplied to both private and corporate customers .

ABOVE: A 10 liter small oak barrel in style 1 finish [ natural oak finish with 4 black hoops ] on stand with bung and brass tap.

Oursmall oak barrel is crafted from kiln dried oak wood whilst a 10 litre or larger barrel is traditionally made from naturally dried oak staves sourced from 'Quercius Petraea' oak wood known as 'Central European White Oak'.

A typical artisan made small wooden keg or oak cask isnatural on it's inside but can be professionally charred or toasted as needed for small batches of wine, port, vinegar, liquor, whiskey and spirits making, ageing and maturing.

Attractive and functional, our miniature wooden kegs and casks come in different outside finishes, with black, brass or natural steel hoops, a stand, a bung and wooden or small metal taps thus ideal for wine, spirits and liquor dispensing.

Our artisan crafted small oak barrels are supplied in limited quantities to both private and corporate customers within Europe and internationally in single or larger numbers.

BELOW: A 3 liter small oak barrel in style 2 finish [ rustic, dark oak finish with 4 black hoops ] on stand with and oak bung and wooden tap.

Toasted Small Oak Barrels and Kegs for Wine Making

Our small oak barrels and wine kegs are artisan crafted from oak and are best suited to oaken small batches of wine and port.

Such a small oak barrel gets medium toasted to impart stronger tannins that enables it's wine to oaken at a much quicker rate when compared to a larger winery oak barrel.

These small oak barrels are available in 2, 3, 5 and 10 litres and each wooden barrel is banded with 4 steel rings and in a light or rustic outer oak wood finish.

BELOW: A 3 liter small oak barrel in style 3 finish [ rustic, dark oak finish with 4 brass hoops ] on stand with an oak bung and wooden tap.

Charred Mini Oak Barrels and Casks for Whisky Maturing

Available in 2, 3 and 5 liters, our small oak barrels and whiskey casks are charred inside and therefore ideal as a quick way to mature, colour and flavour small batches of whisky or other spirits.

A charred small oak barrel or cask is a great way to mellow a small amount of whiskey but it must be kept in mind that such miniature barrel would mature spirits and distillates by ten folds when compared to larger whisky oak cask.

Currently our miniature whisky barrels come with 4 brass hoops with a dark brown rustic finish.

BELOW: A 3 liter small oak barrel in style 4 finish [ rustic, cherry oak finish with 4 brass hoops ] on stand with oak bung and wooden tap.

Decorative Wooden Barrels, Kegs and Casks for Wine or Spirit Serving

An artisan made oak wood barrel or keg is typically natural on it's inside and is equally good to mildly oaken it's contents including wine, spirits, liquors and vinegar.

Our small oak barrels come in 2, 3 and 5 litres and include a wooden stand, a bung and a small tap.

Available in different finishes and attractively banded with brass hoops, these small wooden barrels also make a great decorative and functional rustic dispenser with which to adorn any cellar, tasting room, kitchen, bar or restaurant.

By custom order and subject to minimum order we can also offer small oak barrels that are waxed inside.

BELOW: A 3 liter small oak barrel in style 6 finish [ dark oak finish with 4 brass hoops ] on stand with oak bung and brass tap.

Metal Taps, Spouts and Spigots for a Wooden Barrel, Keg or Cask

We do offer a variety of tapered metal, brass, stainless steel and wooden taps that match our miniature wooden barrels and larger oak kegs, casks and vats.

A spout's choice must depend on it's material compatibility with the wooden barrel's contents followed by aesthetic considerations.

Our smaller metal taps may be hard to find and are a great fit for small wooden barrels and kegs.

If you already own a wooden barrel, keg or cask of any size and you would like to purchase a replacement tap feel free to contact us since we stock a wide selection of spigot taps and can supply in any quantity from single unit upwards.

ArtisanBarrels.Eu is owned and managed by Renaissance Arts Company, supplier of artisan made small oak barrels, miniature wooden casks, decorative kegs and related dispensing taps, fittings and accessories since 2005.

Our range of small wooden barrels, kegs, casks and spigot taps specifically cater for wine and vinegar making and ageing, and liquor, whiskey and spirits maturing and dispensing.

Renaissance Arts Company Limited is a Europe, Malta based and supplies artisan made small oak barrels and fittings to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and international market in single, small or larger quantities.

RIGHT: A 10 liter small oak barrel in style 5 finish [ natural oak finish with 4 galvanized steel hoops ] on stand with oak bung and stainless steel tap.